Restoring ecological heritage

Consultations, Designs, Installations


Build a garden that is beautiful, functional, and sustainable.


Hourly consultations to help you build or improve your garden space.

Also available for public garden projects, pro bono. 


Let’s get creative!

Custom plans to suit your space. From garden plots to
systems design.


Get help! These projects can be a lot! Pay for installation or
arrange a work-trade. 

Also available for public installations. 

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How It Works

Learn More About Our Process

Incorporating native plants into your landscape is just one step in creating habitat in your backyard. Water, poultry, composting, and vermiculture systems can all help bring our homes and neighborhoods into the future of sustainable food systems. 

1. Observation and Communication

Start with a simple consultation.  We’ll walk your property, get a feel for your goals, talk through any issues. The most important part of creating something sustainable is to understand your goals in the context of your actual space. 

2. Design

Get custom plans for your planted spaces or systems designs to maximize the available resources. Get step by step instructions, planting schemes, building plans and price lists to help you break your projects in manageable chunks. 

3. Installations

Let’s get it done! Don’t let the size of your dreams make them feel unattainable. It is so true that many hands make light work. Work alongside with us, pay us to do it all, or arrange a work-share. However we do it, we can get it done together. 

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