Hitting The Reset Button

I’ve decided I’m just going to start blogging and vlogging. Even if I suck at first, getting back into it. Lucky you who gets to see my first wobbly steps. 
It’s a cold winter morning. Two days after a big snow that dumped all over South Jersey. I’ve made my coffee but I haven’t poured a cup yet. Instead I’m thinking about priming the pump for my website, and wondering if a blog can do it.

Probably not alone.

Every message from the universe this week has told me to see this as a time of potential.

As a truce, a time after one battle but before another. 

A time for strategic planning, and for resting…but with intention. 

When I think about what I want from The Great Full Garden I think about the name itself. How it came to me while working in the garden, and so I want more of that in my life. Land to move around and plant in, to receive wisdom and nourishment from. The Great Full Garden is an allusion to the Earth itself, a large and lush place where we all hang our hat. It’s an inclusive name. My garden and my efforts are part of this whole. 

And when asking what I want from the Great Full Garden, in this time of strategic planning, I want what the garden has always provided:  security, abundance, knowledge, connection.

Which is about more than just SEO and blog posts.
But I do hope it’s a good start on a cold morning.